introducing Sphinx Football

We make football podcasts because football is brilliant.

And we mean that. For all our misty-eyed glances to the past, all our talk of the good old days, this game is still our happy place.

Football content is not. We live in an age not only of clickbait, but of throwaway content that appeals to the lowest common denominator and succeeds.

For people who've spent a decade or more producing podcasts, writing blogs, launching websites, just trying to contribute some kind of quality into the world of football media, seeing visitor numbers in a terminal decline across the board has been difficult to swallow.

In late 2016 I wrote an article bemoaning the fact that projects I've believed in hadn't been able to translate quality content into enough visitors to keep contributors interested, never mind earn them a few quid for their efforts.

But that article wasn't the end. It was a trigger.

I resolved, at last, to carry on regardless of whether or not what I was doing justified itself.

I resolved to fight my futile war on low-quality football bullshit not by shouting at it, but by making content I'd want to read, listen to or watch.

It's up to you whether you subscribe to our podcasts. Sphinx isn't about whether people listen. It's about putting the podcasts out there in the first place. There are loads of great football podcasts. Our goal is simply to use our experience of amateur creativity to tip the balance further in the favour of quality. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Chris Nee