we make football podcasts because football is brilliant.



Chris and Steve put a football kit - past or present - in the spotlight. This podcast is a quick-fire look at the context, design and impact of the game's most iconic, beautiful and eye-catching kits.


the stiles council

In this regular podcast about the England national team, Dave and Chris discuss the latest news, delve deeper into something old or something new, and add to The Stiles Council player wall.



Every week the Football Fives team tackle five questions about a topic from the world of football. Join Dan, Dave, Ryan and Chris as they provide a light-hearted but #banterfree take on the game.


footy fidelity

Every now and then it’s nice to just have a chat about a list. So, every couple of weeks, that’s exactly what we do. Join Steven and Chris as they pick their top five whatevers from the world of football.